We are professionals with all-inclusive for fabrication experience to maintenance and customer services.

We focus on high  standard after-sale services with 2 years warranty.


We offer product warranty including labor and spare parts but excluding consumables for the first
24 months from the date of billing.
This include initial training and unscheduled or emergency repair visit.

Comprehensive Maintenance Contract ;
This is equivalent to extended warranty where by we continue to provide labor and spare parts but excluding consumables
for another 24 months after the Warranty has expired.
We will give discount for next maintenance contract renewal (conditions applied).

Sales & Customer Service
Responding to incoming calls and emails including technical support, training, maintenance.

Training are so important to ensure that you can get the best. We can tailor our training to suit your needs whether in-house or at your premises.

Delivery / Transportation Services from our manufacturing to your location. We partner with a very experienced transportation company.

Engineer creates and improves mechanical and electrical systems for products.
Planning, Design, until the product is produced.


When you buy K.B.B. Ramp you get No.1 Ramp Loading in Thailand
of experience in the Mobile Ramp manufacturing industry.

All of our Mobile Ramp are produced with only the best materials available.

All steel construction I – beams, wheels and spare part where ever possible to make our Mobile Ramp more long-term durability.