Training are so important to ensure that you can get the best.

We can tailor our training to suit your needs whether in-house or at your premises.


We have K.B.B. Team  support to train your staff and help you easy to work.
You’ll learn how to build an effective safety team.

Sales & Customer Service
Responding to incoming calls and emails  including technical support, training, maintenance.

We are professionals with all-inclusive for fabrication experience to maintenance and customer services

Delivery / Transportation Services from our manufacturing to your location. We partner with a very experienced transportation company.

Engineer creates and improves mechanical and electrical systems for products.
Planning, Design, until the product is produced.


  • Because we are Mobile Ramp, it must be easy to move.
  • Get your containers loading and unloading goods,
    quickly and conveniently.
  • Suitable for factories with limited space or with factories
    that do not want to waste space.
  • loading and unloading will be easier to manage for forklift driver
  • Designed to be safety in use.
  • Length and slope design helps to preserve the Life time of forklift.
  • Mobile Ramp design based on long-term durability design.